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rubyfruitjungle's Journal

Pretentious Queer Academic Snobs
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This community was created as a place for in-depth discussion about The Big Issues as they concern the queer community-- queer history, queer theory, queer politics. All types of discussion and debate are encouraged and welcome.

This community was not, however, created for off-topic posts. It was not created for "Hi, my name is..." posts, for gushing or complaining about one's significant other, for anything that isn't intended to engender in-depth discussion and could just as easily be placed in one's personal journal or that of another queer community.

This community is also both an inclusive community and a safe space for queer people to discuss the issues within and without their community. Sensitive, inclusive language should be and will be used at all times. Any and all hate speech will not be tolerated.

That said, come and join our discussion! You don't have to be pretentious to jump in. Or snobby. Or even particularly academic. All you need are your insights.

This community is owned and maintained by Adrienne. Any and all questions can be directed to kunoichi@bust.com.