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Introducing the Austin GLBT Book Club

I have recently started the Austin GLBT Book Club meetup group. We will read and discuss mostly fiction gay and lesbian themed books. We will read a new novel every month, and we meet the third Sunday of every month. The next meetup group is scheduled for Sunday, November 20, 2005 at 6:00 PM.

For more information, go to:
The Austin GLBT Book Club Meetup Group

If you are not interested, but know someone who might be, please pass the information along. Hope to see you there!!

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personally, i think the *rubyfruit jungle* vintage is getting quite long in the tooth, so here's me wondering whether anyof you have come across any C.C. Saint-Clair novels. She's australian. A google search will pop quite a few links for you, but what seems to appeal is the way hot moments of lesbian tension are embedded in what's call Urban Realism. No fluff. is her site.