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strategies and activism

I was actually wondering if ya'll might be able to give me some advice. I created a queer art display at the University of Florida, and the entire thing was censored (mother fucking queerphobes) my latest efforts have been to tie together the community, and see what can be done. At this point, it seems my efforts might need to take some concrete construction (I'm even thinking of starting a "gay shame organization" ... modelling after's already a Queer Activist Group, but I think this may need a specific structure at this point.

the thing is the wanna-be mainstream LGBT group has resisted supporting this issue as it wants to remain apolitical. So any advice as to what might be done would be lovely. I've thought of flyering, failed at contacting newspapers but tried, a kiss-in right in front of the University space . . . i want to get as much attention and in as uneuphemized manners as possible.

I've written more about this in my LJ if you care to browse it around for more details.

 Curious, what are the thoughts of starting a gay shame group considering there already is a similar group on this campus? So yea, annnnyyyyy ideas for activism would be lovely.
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Is Dean Meeks still there?
How about Kendal Broad or Dean Mastrdicasa (sp?)?
Before you work through a shame campaign, have you talked to the UF GLBT champions to work with the school instead of against it?
Also, the Alligator is always interested in championing an unheard voice. I would suggest emailing them with your facts and details and seeing where that goes.
Point- shame campaigns never work when your degree is on the line. Working with the University reveals your leadership skills and motivation.
I found this and know a few of the people on the list- I would suggest a few strategically placed emails to the professors and coordinators. Kendal rocks!
thanks for the feedback. actually, we will be doing both the shaming (and of course shaming ourselves too) and the connecting with University groups/professors.

I'm trying to model this activism by and also include all the ideas that come up. thanks much for the link and your comments! the link is wicked-helpful.